Calm Parenting: Learn How to Stop Yelling

A judgement-free course to help you pin-point your anger, and apply strategies to calm your inner chaos, so you can get back to enjoying Parenthood and do better in the future.


What Would Life Be Like Without Yelling?

Calm Parenting: Learn How to Stop Yelling is a self-paced, guilt-free, no-judgment online course to help you become the playful, happy parent you once were.  

With the material in this course, you'll be able to think on your feet when struggles happen, not just react by yelling... because you alreay know, yelling simply doesn't work.  

Anger is less about what your kids are doing... and more about how you feel. You'll discover your triggers (and surprise, it's never what you *think* it is,) most of which are rooted in your childhood and past experiences. 

Being a calm parent is about uncovering the truth of your emotions, applying the skills you'll gain in class to handle struggles, and making positive changes to do better in the future.



Understand where anger comes from, what habits & triggers get carried from childhood, and emotional and environmental triggers. Understand how children's brain development works so you can respond with empathy & patience. 


Implement the tools from class & your workbook to identify your unique triggers, physical symptoms, and get to the root of why you yell. Proven tactics to help you uncover information from your emotions that'll help you break your anger cycle.


Strategic solutions to turn your anger around and be the calm parent you dream of being. 6 coping skills & proven methods to pause when you're in the red zone. Retrain your brain for calm, plus, start the 30-Day No Yelling challenge. 

Are You Ready to Stop Yelling & Start Connecting?

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  • Calm Parenting: Learn How to Stop Yelling is a self-paced eCourse which includes eight (8) sections and (34) total lessons in reading, video, audio and worksheet formats.  
  • There isn't homework due each week (Whew!), but this class is self-paced, meaning you can go at your own speed. We all know life gets busy and things come up! Work through each lesson at your own speed, using the worksheets to practice everything you've learned, and revisit them as often as you need.  
  • 87-page Companion Workbook (digital) with worksheets, posters and toolkit materials. With unlimited access to the course, you're able to print as many copies as you need. This exclusive workbook is not available anywhere but for students of the course.    
  • 30 Day No Yelling Challenge & Self-Tracking Reward Chart  
  • BONUSES WORTH $34.00 Including the Big Emotions: Dealing with Defiant Behavior 180-Page eBook (Value $20), 42 Kid's Picture Emotion Card Set (Value $7) and 30 Kid's Picture Calm Down Card Set (Value $7.)  
  • When you enroll in the course, you'll have Lifetime Access to Calm Parenting: Learn How to Stop Yelling, including any future updates and additional materials added after your purchase date. The course is updated at least once a year, and if there's additional support you need in areas not covered - email me and this material will be added to the lessons as well.  

"I can tell you this program is worth every penny and amount of effort! Will we continue to have struggles and will I continue to get mad? Yes, that's part of motherhood, but now I know how to stay calm and can look ahead and see what triggers me.  

But now, I can honestly say, I enjoy the ride. I enjoy the moments... good and bad."

Dana H.

"I love that the course not only says here is how to re-frame your thoughts about getting angry and its effects, and how to find the actual root cause (hint, the root cause is usually not my kiddo misbehaving), but also here are a lot of tips you can try to find one that works for you, to help you keep calm or even just to release the stress.  

I LOVE the information. Its thorough, but also quick to get through the sections."

Morgan H.


Does This Sound Familiar?

Mothers are supposed to be patient martyrs, so when you get angry, you feel ashamed, embarrassed, and the little voice in your head whispers hurtful things like;  

  • You're failing as a parent
  • Why can't you keep it together!
  • You're the worst Mom in the world

None of that is true! You are perfectly normal, and you aren't alone. 

You're told being an angry mom is not “appropriate" and feeling this way, equals a lack of love, or inability to be a good parent. Fearing judgment, you say nothing.  

Each time you get upset, you push down your emotions until finally, there's no more room to store them, so you explode. When the anger festers, you are left under a pile of loneliness and debilitating shame...  

The shame is as bad as the rage, and just as damaging.  

You may get furious with your kids for all kinds of reasons, and then, to add salt to the wound, you threaten forever-timeouts, no tv privileges for 2.4 years, toss toys in the trash and put a ban on all candy in your house.  

When you're in the red place, wisdom is not welcome and there's no turning away from your anger - only towards it.  

Screaming and yelling becomes the release you so desperately need, and science shows us this release has an addictive quality. When it's stuck on repeat, your automatically release by yelling. 

Is that who you want your children to remember you as? A yeller?

I already know you don't, that's why you're here. 

Are you ready to break your yelling cycle and learn from your anger?  

Enroll in Calm Parenting: Learn How to Stop Yelling to bring more peace to your home, positive connection with your children and learn how to confidently parent going forward. 


1) When Does the Course Start and Finish? This is a self-paced eCourse which means once you sign up, you can take as long, or as little as you need to get through all the lessons and worksheets. The course goes at the speed you choose because I know life gets busy and things always come up. Work through the lessons and worksheets at a speed you're comfortable with and will help you change your behavior. The course isn't meant to be rushed through. It's built so you take your time focusing on understanding WHY you yell and HOW you can retrain your habits for calm. It's not an overnight fix. 

Think about your goals - losing weight, earning a promotion, training for a 5K. They all take time, planning and work. The same goes with learning how to stop yelling. You'll have lifetime access to the course and all of the materials included. This means if you need more support in 2 months or 5 years, it'll be here waiting for you. 

2) How Long Do I Have Access to the Course? How does lifetime access sound? 

You have lifetime access across any and all devices you own, meaning as long as I own The Pragmatic Parent, you'll have a course (don't worry I'm in this for the long haul). This means you can retake the course anytime you need, print additional worksheets, and access any future updates, videos or materials added. 

3) What if I Have Questions or Need Help in the Middle of the Course? If you have questions when you're going through this course and working through the hard stuff, there are several ways we can communicate so I can help you.  

If you feel comfortable, there is a comment section available to students in each lesson where you can post your questions and I actively monitor this too, so I can respond quickly. Other students can chime in with support as well.  

If you'd rather, get in touch at corinne @ thepragmaticparent (dot) com.    

4) What if I'm Unhappy with the Course? I would never want you to be unhappy and while I don't think you will be, but if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, email me within 30-days of your purchase date for a refund. 

5) Course Refund Terms: There's a 30-Day Happiness Guarantee. You must have completed less than 50% of the course, proof of work needs to be shown AND you cannot have downloaded any of the bonus materials to receive a refund.

6) How Does the Course Work?
Once you enroll, you will get an email from the Teachable class platform, confirming your order. You have instant access to the entire course and can take it as fast or as slow as you'd like. Once you complete a lesson, it gets marked complete so you don't get lost! At the start of the course, you'll have an opportunity to download the full workbook, individual worksheets and a full ebook copy of the course. 

At the end of the course, three bonus ebooks and printable cards sets are available to download, including the Managing Big Emotions: Dealing with Defiant Behavior, Emotions Picture Card Set for Kids and Calm Down Picture Card Set for Kids. 

7) Can I Find This Info Online for Free?
Well you can string together a bunch of people's strategies and give it a shot, but here's the thing. 

There's SO MUCH bad advice about this topic out there. 

You've probably tried taking a hot bath or carving out more "me" time without any real results, right? This course gives you a a solid strategy that's customizable to your own anger, not what worked for a stranger named Jamie who yelled at her kids once and posted about it on the Internet. I've been in your shoes. 

I know how awful it feels to scream at your kids, but I also know how amazing it feels to stay calm and connect with them instead. I know what you're going through and I also know the hard work it takes to be a calm parent. 

I've spent weeks talking with a therapist, I've consulted with counselors and other parents who struggle with anger, and I've tried all the strategies and techniques I teach to weed out the "bad" stuff and only give you what I know works. 

There's no hot bath solution or take 5 deep breaths and magically you'll be better.  

This is real life information from a real parent who has been in your shoes.  

8) What Age of Kids is This For? Yelling isn't about your kids, and it doesn't matter how old or young they are. That might not be what you want to hear, but the truth is, yelling has everything to do with you, and nothing to do with them. Calm Parenting is going to help you identify your triggers and find solutions - all within you. 

Calm Parenting is going to help you identify your triggers and find solutions - all within you. When you're able to take care of YOU, everything around you will the change. The positive changes you experience will trickle to your family, your children and your throughout your home. 

9) How Do I Know This Course Is Going to Work?
Here's the deal. You can search Pinterest or Google like I did and find a list of things people say worked for them. You could start exercising 7 days a week or hire a babysitter to put your kids to bed every night because that's a tough part of your day, but that's not a plan. Unless you have a step-by-step plan to first identify WHY you are getting angry (and I promise, a lot of your true triggers are likely going to surprise you), and real tools to help you build habit-forming strategies, then you're likely going to fail. 

It's like walking into Target and saying you're only there to buy deodorant and supplies for dinner, but then walk out with a bazillion things in your cart and none of them are dinner or deodorant. Without a plan, you just spent $200 on Halloween decorations and pillows, and yet you're still no closer to having what you need. 

Look, you can buy all the things, you can google search and get a list of 40 ideas that helped some other Mom stop yelling, but you still won't have a plan to help you and that right there, is the biggest problem holding you back from making long-term changes. 

I know this to be true - there's no one-size-fits-all formula to learning how to stop yelling and that's not how Calm Parenting approaches it either. 

If one person tells you there is only one way to do something and they promise it'll work, you probably shouldn't give them your credit card number. 

Read the testimonials. Try it out. If anything, there's a 30-day money back guaranteed if you're not completely satisfied. 

When I created Calm Parenting: Learn How to Stop Yelling, I designed a plan to help you work through all your own unique triggers and situations, and then hand you the tools to develop copy strategies and better systems that work for YOU. 

What you discover to works for you, won't work for me, and it won't work for your sister-in-law. 

The things which trigger you, trigger you for very different reasons than any other person on this planet. They are uniquely your own. And the things which help you, may not help another person. 

Yelling is not one-size-fits-all which is why Calm Parenting is perfect for every person who struggles with anger.