Are you struggling to find a good daily routine?

Does your child battle you at bedtime?

Want more predictability in your day-to-day? 

Would you give anything to have better behavior, for your kids to sleep better and longer, and to stop the power struggles?

Good... you've landed in the right place!  

I'm a Mom to three kids, including twins. From the first day I brought home two babies, I've been using a routine and LOVE them! When I had my third baby, by using a routine, all three kids used an afternoon nap for two hours at the same time. Doesn't that sound amazing?  

Keeping a routine is my sanity saver, and it can be yours too! 

Includes 40+ routines and printable routine & sleep tools.

This is a must-read for Mothers of babies, toddlers and preschoolers!  

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What's Included in the Book

40 daily schedules including clock-based and rhythm based schedules for: * 2 - 3 Months Old * 3 - 4 Months Old * 5 Months Old * 6 Months Old * 7 Months Old * 8 Months Old * 9 Months Old * 10 Months Old * 11 Months Old * 12 Months Old * 12 - 18 Months Old (with routine options based on number of naps) * 18 - 24 Months Old (with routine options based on number of naps) * 2 - 3 Years Old * 4 - 5 Years Old

How to handle nap transitions (moving from 3 to 2 naps, 2 to 1 nap or removing the last nap when you child is ready.)

Learn how to create a routine or modify the one you are already using. Learn how to establish a wake-up time and bedtime, and build your routine around this important starting point. 

Prepare for Daylight Savings Time without wrecking your routine. 

Printable Routine & Sleep Tools including: * Clock-Based Routines including mealtimes, playtime and sleep times * Rhythm Routines with sample bedtime, mealtime, and playtime routines * Nap Tracker printable * Daily Routine Tracker printable (the starting key to creating / managing your routine) * Baby Sleep Log * Baby Sleep & Feeding Log * Sleep Guidelines for Age-Appropriate Sleep (suggested sleep in a 24/hr period plus wake-up times & bedtimes)  

Girls and Boy's Morning & Bedtime Routine Charts with Coordinating Routine Cards 

Whether you have one child, or are juggling multiple children... maybe a baby, toddler and preschooler, the 97-paged Mastering Sleep & Schedules will help you find a great routine that checks all these boxes... 

*Fits your family's unique lifestyle and needs *Creates a safe and secure environment for children *Routines meet the recommended number of sleep in a 24/hr period *Helps children learn to play independently *Promotes self-initiation and independence *Create a peaceful bedtime and nap routine *Removes unpredictable behavior *Creates a peaceful and harmonious home