Out of the blue, has your baby suddenly stopped sleeping at night? 

Are you experiencing uncharacteristic night wakings?

Is your child fighting naps? 

Acting cranky and extra irritable? 

Are you at your wits end and desperate to get back to a good night's sleep?

You're in the right place...  

I'm a Mom to three kids, including twins. I've experienced my fair share of sleep regressions, sometimes with two kids at once, but each phase has never lasted long and with a little routine and adjustments like the ones I'll teach you in the book, you'll get back to good sleep habits in no time. 

I want to teach you how to overcome each sleep regression phase too! 


 Help for Every Major Sleep Regression:  

* 6 Week Sleep Regression * 4 Month Sleep Regression * 8-10 Month Sleep Regression * 18 Month Sleep Regression * 2 Year Sleep Regression  

This is a must-read for Mothers of babies and toddlers!  

What's Included in the Book... 

Detailed explaination of every sleep regression by age including the 6 Week Sleep Regression, 4 Month Sleep Regression, 8 - 10 Month Sleep Regression, 18 Month Sleep Regression and 2 Year Old Sleep Regression. 

How to spot the signs of each sleep regression by age & getting to the root cause and developmental leaps each sleep regression.  

Sleep strategies to overcome each sleep regression, and help your child get back to sleeping during the night, going down for naps without a fight and relieving crankiness, irritability and overtired and restless behavior. 

18 Survival Tips to helping your baby break out of each sleep regression rut!