Everything You Need to Get (& Stay) Organized for Your Upcoming Labor & Delivery... and Baby's Arrival

Congratulations on Your Pregnancy!

I know how life-changing this new experience you're about to embark on is. It's a joyous time full of excitement and promise, but with it comes a looooong list of all the things you need to do to prepare and get ready for your baby's arrival, as well as taking care of yourself.  

I had nearly a dozen pregnancy and parenting books when I first became pregnant, as well as stack of loose leaf papers with notes scribbled about appointments, health insurance, maternity leave and ideas for our nursery. There was no organization to my madness and with the to-dos piling high, I quickly reached a point of feeling overwhelmed, instead of overcome with joy. 

This is why I've created this comprehensive Preparing for Baby Toolkit just for you.  

This fully-loaded toolkit has a checklist and forms for each trimester to help you tackle your list during each phase of pregnancy. You'll be able to stay on top of important tasks like figuring out your health insurance, knowing what you can & can't eat while expecting, when & where to register for childbirth classes, figuring out maternity leave, creating a labor plan, and packing a hospital bag with practical items you'll *actually* use and need.  

Once you bring baby home, there is also a section for newborn care and postpartum care, including tips for calming a fussy baby, gently helping your newborn sleep, and sleep & feeding trackers for baby.  

This toolkit will keep everything in ONE spot to help you stay organized and get prepared for labor & delivery, and welcoming your baby without feeling overwhelmed. 

Here's What's Included in the Preparing for Baby Toolkit:

  • Comprehensive Checklist for Each Trimester 
  • 1st Prenatal Appointment Questions For Your Doctor
  • Health Insurance Information Tracker 
  • Budget for 1st Year New Baby Expenses
  • Food Guide for Pregnancy
  • Parenting Game Plan for You & Your Partner  
  • Baby Name List  
  • Baby Classes to Register For  
  • Labor Coach / Doula Questions & Interview Form
  • Practical Baby Registry Guide 
  • Maternity Leave & Disability Questions for Work
  • Childcare Search Overview 
  • Nanny & Daycare Interview Questions & Form
  • Pediatrician Selection Questions 
  • Blank Birth Plan to Fill Out 
  • Sample Birth Plan 
  • Hospital Bag Packing List (a Practical Guide) 
  • Hosptital Tour Questions & Guide 
  • Final Checklist Before Baby's Arrival 
  • Blank Labor Plan to Fill Out 
  • 11 Ways to Gently Help Your Newborn Sleep 
  • 13 Steps to Calming a Fussy Baby  
  • Postnatal Care 
  • Postpartum Care Kit 
  • Schedule Tracker  
  • Baby Sleep Tracker  
  • Sleep & Feeding Log 
  • Sleep Hour Guidelines Chart
  • Routine Tracker  

72 Pages of Smart Organiztion to Eliminate Overwhelm & Leave More Room for Excitement

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